Let your guests leave tips using
Digital Tipping Platform for |
No subscription. Easy to start.
Free for your business.
No need to download the app
Guests access the service by scanning the QR code with their phones.
Free for your business
No subscription fee.
No installment fee. Forever.
Easy to connect
Create Tipper account. Get your free service related prints. You are all set.
Why you need Tipper?
Up to 30% growth of tips
Implement our platform to boost the gratuity volume up to 30% and counting which is a key to your employees` loyalty and desire to
perform better.
Muscle up my team
Get more feedback
Get feedback from customers in your account.
Boost the amount of positive reviews on
Google Reviews.
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Control everything
Track your staff performance and improve the quality and level of service by making
data driven decisions.
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Tipper is perfect for:
Want to know how Tipper can
help grow your business?
The QR code placements
The QR code can be placed on a personal plastic card, sticker, paper card
or any type of material.
We will make all materials according to your brand guidelines. Free of charge.

Set a table display with all the info onto a table and get pooled tips.
Is Tipper secure for the visitors?
Yes, it is.
Our system is PCI compatible. It also uses the built-in security protocols of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
Where do I get the print?
The Tipper team shall take care of all service related print free of charge.
Let’s discuss what materials (plastic cards, table displays, stickers, coffee sleeves etc.) you need and make an individual plan for you.
How do employees get the tips?
There are 2 options:
  1. We transfer it directly to your bank account – all you need to do is transfer the money to employees accordingly.
  2. Your employees withdraw money directly from their accounts.
Any other questions?
Request a call back.
We’ll help you explore all the nuances and advantages of Tipper.
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