Design and customize it.
Make updates quickly and easily.
No credit card required, no commitment.
Digital Menu With
Online Payment
Order and Pay Online. Securely.
1. Scan the QR code
2. Place an order
3. Pay and Tip
Your clients won’t need to download the app, just scan the QR code.
You’ll be able to speed up the guest service process.
Your clients won’t need to wait for a waiter.
Increase the number of orders in your service by up to 40%.
Make checkout process faster and more convenient for your clients.
Earn more through lower transaction fees and tips.
Attract new clients and retain existing ones.
Reward clients with loyalty points and loyalty tiers.
Increase average order value
and reduce customer churn.
Launch Your Loyalty Program
1. Create loyalty card
2. Identify your customer
3. Work with loyalty points
Identify your customer by scanning the barcode on their card.
Accumulate and deduct loyalty points.
Create your custom loyalty card for Apple wallet and Google wallet.
Grow Your Business
A digital menu saves you money and time. No need to reprint when prices, offerings, and descriptions change. All the updates you make on your account are instantly available to your guests.
Reduce Costs
Maximize Revenue by Promoting Hot Offers
Boost sales by showcasing select dishes in your promotions section.
Menu at Your Convenience
Enhance The Guest Experience
Digital menu offers guests detailed dish information and much more, for instance multiple images, and even videos, unlike a static one.
Let Guests Choose Dishes as They Prefer
The wishlist feature allows guests to preselect their order before the waiter arrives.
Make Your Restaurant The One to Remember
We'll create a fully personalized menu page for you, complete with brand-aligned printed materials and a QR code, all delivered free of charge.
Digital Menu Customisation
Table tent
Acrilyc table tent
Cubes with identity
Let's discuss what meterials you need (coins, napkin holders, tables etc.) and make an individual solutions for you.
Individual customisation
Fast and Easy Solution
Your guests don't need to download an application. They can simply scan the QR code using their device.
Our Tool is Very Easy to Use
Friendly admin panel - sign up and start creating your menu in just a few minutes.
Prompt help and support any time
A dedicated manager will assist you with setting up your personal account and creating the menu. Simply message us in the chat.
How does your service work? Does the guest need to download any application?
Our service is suitable for any type of establishment that currently uses a paper menu. You won't need to download any applications. Simply access the digital menu by scanning the provided QR code at your venue. An internet connection is required to access the menu, but many venues offer Wi-Fi access to ensure a seamless experience for their guests.
How do I connect to your service and start using the digital menu?
To connect to our service and start using the digital menu, simply register with our service using the free trial period. Once you have created your menu, all you need to do is place the QR code on the table for access to the menu.
How can I obtain the QR code for the menu I have created?
The QR-code is available in a dedicated section in your personal account. You can either print it yourself or order with us your free branded designs of printed materials.
What makes your solution interesting?
  • You can create multiple menus. Each menu will have a separate QR code for accessing it.
  • You can set up special offers or promotions in the menu. This feature is available and can be configured during the menu creation process in a dedicated section within your personal account.
  • According to your request, we can provide the following functionality: payment and bill splitting, direct ordering from the digital menu, digital tipping, the ability to leave reviews on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.
Is any support available if I encounter difficulties while creating my digital menu?
Yes, we provide support to assist you with any difficulties you may encounter while using our digital menu service. You can contact us through the live chat available in your personal account, and we will be happy to assist you.
Any Questions? Let Us Know
A dedicated manager will resolve your inquiries.
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