Win The Love of Your Clients
Increase average order value and reduce customer churn.
Reward clients with loyalty points and loyalty tiers.
Attract new clients and retain existing ones.
Easily create your custom card
Stand out from the crowd! Make your card unique and memorable.
Cards are available in Apple Wallet and Google Pay apps.
No need for clients to download any additional app.
Gift card (membership)
Provide your clients with the opportunity to purchase a subscription for a specific amount, enabling them to make payments for future purchases, or buy a gift card for their friends and loved ones.
Bonus Points
Offer your clients the ability to accumulate points for purchases (determine the reward rate for each AED spent) and use these points to pay for future purchases.
customer points
Generate repeat visits and purchases.
Reward the right number of points for each purchase.
Allow customers to use their accumulated points for future purchases.
Analyze your loyalty funnel and Loyalty Program performance.
Track where exactly a client has enrolled in the loyalty program.
Know your client
Monitor the value of each client.
Grow your clients LTV.
Create specific segments for targeted communication.
Push notifications
Date and Time
Mobile notification
Notify your customers about important events in your venue.
Invite guests to visit your establishment when they are close to your location.
Forget about SMS or email expenses.
Notify your customers using push notifications.
Keep your clients informed about promotions, discounts, and other significant events.
Speak loudly
Send a one-time notification to all your clients or to a specific segment.
Set up automatic notifications that are triggered by specific events.
Balance points change
“Long time no see” retention message
Possible cases for using push notification
Birthday gift
Lunch time invitation
Special event invitation